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Looking for bulk SMS phone verification service ?

You've come to the right place to get real phone numbers to receive SMS online.

We provide bulk SMS verification alternative of getsmscode and smspva to receive sms online. Our numbers are real numbers and NOT VoIP that you can use to verify accounts to get a Facebook code, Twitter code, Instagram code, Gmail code and activation code from any website or application that you like. The numbers are available from following countries UK, Poland, USA, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Madagascar, Macau, Yemen, Serbia, Ghana, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Kazakhstan, China, South Africa, Egypt, Netherlands, Ukraine, Malaysia, Hong Kong and many more. To know about the countries which are available please contact us.
All these are real numbers and private, which means once its given to you for a particular service then it won't be given to any other for the same service. So this will avoid any account bans and all your accounts will be safe. We don't retain the messages and it will be pruned after a few minutes and the numbers can't be used again in certain cases. API access will be given so that you can use it in your program.
All the numbers are temporary and disposable numbers hence you can use the numbers only for a few minutes, and the numbers will be removed from the system and cannot be used again ever.
The prices for the phone numbers will range from $0.1 to $2 depending upon the quantity, service and country of numbers. So you can contact us to know more regarding the prices of respective countries.

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