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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to register on your website?
    Right now you don't have to register, you need to contact us to buy your API_KEY. 
  2. Is there a web portal/panel where I can get the numbers from?
    Yes, we do have a portal where you can enter your API_KEY, SERVICE and COUNTRY_CODE to get the phone numbers and SMS code automatically.
  3. How to buy the phone numbers?
    To buy phone numbers, you need to contact us and we'll instruct you how you can topup/recharge your account. After recharging/paying, you will be given an API_KEY and using that API key you can get the phone numbers for bulk SMS verification.
  4. What are the payment methods available to recharge?
    Right now we support only cryptocurrency and Perfect Money (only small payments) only. PayPal is not accepted.
  5. Where to buy cryptocurrencies?
    We recommend you buy Bitcoin(BTC) or any other altcoin by clicking this.
  6. Do I get charged for phone number or SMS?
    You will be charged for successful SMS reception only. If no SMS is received to the requested number, you will be auto refunded.
  7. Can I use the same number again in the future?
    Some numbers can receive texts again in the future but you will be charged again for using that number in future. Please let us know if you need this feature beforehand, otherwise you will not be able to use the numbers again in future.
  8. What are the restrictions for using the phone numbers?
    You are not allowed to use the numbers for illegal purposes, using it for paid services and online payment system, using it for fraud or any other activities that will cause harm to anyone else.
  9. What's the time allotted for each number?
    You will be given 20 minutes except for USA numbers to receive SMS to that number. For USA numbers, it will be 15 minutes.

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